Families are an important part of The Victory Center.  We understand the unique needs, problems, fears and questions that caregivers and other family members have when their loved one is going through the cancer journey.  That’s why we offer these special services, completely free of charge, to family members as well:

Short Term Counseling

The counseling program goals include addressing all issues related to cancer treatment, such as: adjustment to the changes in one’s life, the impact the journey has on interpersonal relationships and the family, survivorship anxiety, end of life issues, grief, family roles, and others.  The sessions are available to registered participants and their family or caregivers.  Young children are also appropriate for this service.

Family members may take advantage of this service even if their family member experiencing the cancer does not register at the center.

Appointments last one hour, with a three session limit per incident.  Referrals to professionals outside the center will be made to continue addressing long term counseling needs.

Support Groups

Support groups at The Victory Center are an opportunity for cancer patients (and families) to connect with others sharing the cancer experience. Trained facilitators encourage participants to share feelings, connections, information, and opportunities. Support groups are meant to be a temporary source of support for cancer patients and their loved ones, while they are moving through particularly difficult or traumatic experiences and/or need to experience the hope and encouragement of a group of individuals who understand the journey. The effectiveness of the group depends on the ability of all individuals involved to be very good listeners. Participants are encouraged to share only as much personal information as is comfortable. Everyone’s experience with cancer is different, and the support groups are available as long as each individual needs them. It is healthy and natural to move away from the support group when cancer and its surrounding issues are no longer the main focus in life. The following support groups are available:

Caregiver Meeting
(Special topics and guest speakers each time)
2nd & 4th Tuesday of the month

Weekly Cancer Support Group
(Dealing with all types of cancer)
Every  Wednesday

Blood Cancer
(Leukemia, Lymphoma, Myeloma)
In partnership with the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society
3rd Monday of every month

Special Programs

The Victory Center has a wide array of special programs every week.  Some weeks that might include a Glass Mosaic Class and a Nutrition Workshop.  Other weeks it might include a Belly Dancing Class, an Aromatherapy Consultation and a Crafting Class.  Registered participants receive a monthly newsletter detailing all the special activities each month.