The Victory Center FAQ



What is TVC and how is it able to offer its programs at no cost to participants?

TVC is a non profit organization. It is not a government agency nor is it a recipient of United Way funds. Every dollar raised from individual donations, foundation grants, corporate or business contributions, and special events is earmarked to provide programs for cancer patients. The TVC Board of Directors and administrative staff continually ask the community to help us fund these programs and in return we pledge to use the money they donate to support the mission of TVC.

How do I know if I should come to TVC?

The best time to begin using TVC is when your doctor gives you or an immediate family member a diagnosis of cancer. You do not have to be referred by your doctor to attend. All TVC programs are meant to help you get through the really tough issues that revolve around cancer and its treatment.

Why can’t all participants receive massage therapy, reflexology or healing touch therapy as often as they would like?

The three services listed above are expensive to provide. They are expensive because the therapist can work with only one person at a time. (We call these one-on-one therapies.) Each therapist is a licensed professional and is paid by the hour for the therapy they provide. Therefore these therapies are reserved for cancer patients who have been recently diagnosed and are within six months of their last cancer treatment. All of our therapists, however, donate at least a portion of their time.

Who can use the other programs at TVC?

If you are a cancer patient or the immediate family member of a cancer patient there are programs available here for you. Every program is led by a licensed professional who is paid by TVC on an hourly basis or is a volunteer. Support groups, yoga, aromatherapy, and all of our other group programs are offered free of charge to the participant and a family member. These programs are designed to help you get through the cancer experience. Programs vary from month to month. You can view a calendar by clicking here.

How long should I attend the programs offered at TVC?

Everyone’s experience with cancer is different. Some cancers linger for long periods of time while others may be eliminated in just a few months. The programs are here for you as long as you need them, but it is important that you know when it is time for you to discontinue using them. Think of TVC as a place that helps you adjust to and deal with the most difficult and frightening stages of your experience with cancer. Use TVC when you truly need psychological, emotional, and physical support for issues that revolve around cancer. It is natural and healthy for you to move away from TVC when cancer and the issues surrounding it no longer are the main focus of your life. It is equally natural and healthy to continue coming to TVC for months or even years after your diagnosis.

Is there any way that I can help TVC?

Absolutely, your help is vital to our continued ability to provide services to cancer patients and their families. Fill out the volunteer interest form and we’ll get back with you as soon as we can! Thanks!

How will I know if TVC is closed for bad weather?

In case of bad weather, we will put a notification on the local ABC, NBC, and CBS affiliates. If you would like instant notification, sign up for our FREE instant alert system. You can sign up to receive instant texts or emails or both! Check out the detailed instructions here: “How to sign up for alerts.”